Brainwave Entrainment & Brain Stimulation with PEMF therapy

Brainwave Entrainment & Brain Stimulation

Brainwave entrainment and brain stimulation are sometimes two separate topics and practices. However, when combined using PEMF therapy devices, brainwave entrainment and brain stimulation can provide far reaching longevity and recovery effects.

Brainwave entrainment is the practice of stimulating the brain for adjusting the activity in the brain conducive to the circadian rhythm requirement of the body. Brain stimulation for enhanced cognitive and emotional behavior has long been researched using electromagnetic fields.

Lowest dominant frequencies for purposes of brainwave entrainment can easily be distinguished and influenced using PEMF devices. As the frequencies rise, the neural activity increases, as it falls the brain relaxes itself. By controlling the mind literally, remarkable feats such as limiting calories intake and getting rid of obesity become a possibility.

PEMF therapy application passes energy to the mitochondria in the cells allowing better oxygenation and thus recovery of memory & function of all cells in reach of the pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Waveform Frequencies Brainwaves
Delta brainwave icon in blue
1 Hz – 4 Hz Delta
Theta brainwave icon in blue
4 Hz–8 Hz Theta
Alpha brainwave icon in blue
8 Hz –15 Hz Alpha
16 Hz – 30 Hz Beta

As recent as Oct. 2018, an article by the Center for Neuroscience at the University of California, Davis was published recently in the journal Cognitive Neuroscience. It recognized, “The entrainment of theta brain waves with a commercially available device not only enhances theta wave activity, but also boosts memory performance.”

Neurofeedback therapy has been working great, but the problem has been cumbersome costly equipment and thus a need for clinics. With regular PEMF therapy using personal PEMF devices at home, results close to and even better than conventional session-based neurofeedback therapy can be expected. Anti-inflammatory effects of PEMF make PEMF devices a superior brain stimulation and brainwave entrainment choice and indeed an invaluable tool in ones wellness box.

Brainwave stimulation is based on the simple principle of applying a pulsed magnetic field to the brain tissues to enhance the energy and thus recovery and function of the brain.

Applying Brain Stimulation with PEMF therapy devices

Brainwave Entertainment and Brain Stimulation with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, along with an image of a brain being enlightened.

The brain is the master of the body, with an optimized brain state, the entire body regenerates, also PEMF therapy has been proven to improve longevity and improve repair of every cell in the body1.

Magnetic field therapy systems by FlexPulse™ have been developed based on more than 3 decades of research and thousands of studies. Studies show that benefits of brainwave entrainment using PEMF devices go deep down to the tissue level and can be applied for life extension.

The benefit of magnetic brain stimulation is real and profound, a trial found it work successfully in suicide prevention​2​ as well. All subjects in this trial had either post-traumatic stress disorder, mild traumatic brain injury, or both. Ageing related declining brain health issues such as Parkinsons​3​, Alzheimers​4​, Stroke, Dementia​5​ and ALS​6​ all find improvement with electromagnetic brain stimulation therapy.

I’ve found immense mental healing with the flexpulse under my pillow each night. Much better sleep than I’ve had in 10 years really!


Applying PEMF therapy as a brainwave entrainment & brain stimulation is as simple as going to sleep or using a PEMF device for just 30 mins before bed time. When good circadian rhythm or deep has been established by daily use, further brain stimulation can lead to anti-aging effects and enhanced cognition and intelligence.  Creativity soars and depression vanishes with regular PEMF brain stimulation.

We see that Brainwave Entrainment using PEMF therapy is powerful enough to have far-reaching anti-aging and mobility enhancing effects. Most other brainwave entrainment technologies employing light or sound, or very high frequencies can only be applied intermittently and are simply not as effective as stimulating the cells using the same frequencies that they themselves vibrate at in the lower spectrum. Enhance your flexibility and experience tranquility like never before!

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