How do I use the FlexPulse G2 PEMF? Click here to see video
Please refer to this video, user manual and information sheet in your package. If you didn’t receive the user manual or lost it, please contact us for a copy. Links to page with more information on how it works, coil placement and programs are in the bottom menu.
What is this system most suited for?

This system is best used for localized PEMF application on almost any part of your body. It can also be used for it’s brainwave entrainment and mental wellness effects.

Where do I place to these coils?

There’s no limit to where you could place them but here are some examples: lower back, knee, stomach, back of neck, foot, any joint or extremity. For ideas see our page on coil placement.

How long do the coils last?

This is dependent on – frequency of use, storage, and general care. Anywhere between 6 months to many years depending on above-mentioned factors. They are made of flexible material and should not deteriorate significantly unless heavy weight is put on them frequently. Replacement coils are just $40 and can be ordered on this website.

Should I use one or two coils?

You may choose to use one, or both coils simultaneously. Keep in mind that if you are using both coils simultaneously that the overall intensity of the system is being split between the two coils. To benefit from maximum intensity at single location, we advise using a single coil on the area being treated.

Does this have rechargeable batteries?

This unit does have a rechargeable battery but not AA or AAA that you can go to the store and buy replacements for. This is a special rechargeable battery that was created specifically for this product.  

Why can’t I charge the FlexPulse while using it?

No, you must charge and use the unit separately. The system is calibrated to provide a clean optimized signal and concurrent charging would affect the quality of it’s signal and introduce unwanted EMFs too. When Flexpulse unit is fully charged, the red indicator on the charger will turn green. When full charged, unplug the charger from the FlexPulse unit. 

What is the difference between the Flexpulse and cheaper PEMF devices like Micropulse?

The Flexpulse PEMF device allows for a range of programs, time settings and intensities. The Flexpulse is rechargeable whereas the Micropulse will run until the 9v battery is depleted and therefore needs to be replaced.

How do I know the FlexPulse is emitting pulsed electromagnetic fields?

The system comes with a tester that contains a light that flickers letting you know that the machine is running. You can also simply hold a coil up to your ear to listen for the pulsating sound that it makes.

What’s in the box when I order a FlexPulse G2 PEMF?

The FlexPulse G2 PEMF device comes with control unit, two coil applicators, battery charger, magnetic field tester, lanyard, and travel/storage case.

What makes this device different than others?

The portability of this device with the belt clip or lanyard, the multiple different programs, and various levels of intensity are all reasons that make the Flexpulse a good choice for your PEMF needs. It’s the world’s most powerful wearable PEMF device and it can run continuously, easily 8-12 hours on a full battery charge. 

Is there a product warranty?

Yes. The warranty is 2-years for the control unit and the charging disc and 6-months for coil applicators. We also have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. You can view the terms of our warranty and guarantee here.

My Flexpulse unit is not working, what should I do?
Follow the steps below or contact us if they don’t resolve the issue.
  • If the control unit is hot, it’s possible the unit is overcharged, please allow 15 – 30 mins for the unit to cool down before use after charging.
  • Is the battery charged?
  • Is the coil plugged in?
  • Are the three dashes “- – -“ visible next to the Hz count? If the coil is plugged in and the dashes don’t appear, there could be an issue with your coil(s).
  • Did you ever start or turn a program on?
The Risks of PEMFs versus EMFs

PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields) are designed for therapeutic use. EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are designed mostly for communication needs, such as the microwaves needed for cell phone function and Wi-Fi. PEMFs are almost entirely local in their area of coverage. EMFs are broadcast mostly widely into the environment. PEMFs are produced by electric current flowing in a wire in a loop that is closed and returns to its source. EMFs do not return to their source, that is they are not in a loop, that is, they are an open loop.


PEMFs are not really a frequency with a wavelength. There are pulsed. EMFs are sent into the environment as waves with wavelengths. The wavelengths of most EMFs are very short and, like the wavelengths in a microwave oven, they do not pass completely through and heat the contents. As a result, they are absorbed by whatever they are transmitted toward, and in the case of a body, they cause heating of the body’s tissues. This absorption causes tissue damage.


PEMFs pass completely into and through a body. Even extremely weak PEMFs pass into a body but are not absorbed. They bounce in and out harmlessly and therefore they do not heat and cause tissue damage. This is why most of the research on the use of PEMFs, even with very high intensity PEMFs, has shown a remarkable safety record. Very high intensity PEMFs have been approved by the FDA for stimulation of the brain for treatment resistant depression.


PEMFs can be used to help the body be healthier overall and help to heal the negative effects of EMFs. There are very few contraindications to the use of PEMFs. There are some cautions in their careful use with implanted electronics and metals. PEMFs stimulate the body to heal itself, and like athletic training, need to be used gently until the body says that more magnetic field intensity and treatment time are acceptable.


PEMFs are very safe, usually very helpful when properly selected and used, and have very few risks that can be easily handled.

Having any other issues with your FlexPulse?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

FlexPulse complete kit, including the FlexPulse G2 device, the charging station, a carrying case to strap onto clothing, and a bag to hold everything with the FlexPulse PEMF System logo (Picture 2)

The FlexPulse G2 PEMF is for you

FlexPulse G2 PEMF device is the world’s most powerful wearable PEMF machine. With 200 Gauss peak amplitude, this PEMF device packs in enough power for effective, long-tem PEMF treatment.

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