FlexPulse Guarantee & Warranty

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a therapeutic use of pulsating magnetic fields and is applied using PEMF devices.


If you are not benefiting from the FlexPulse PEMF device within 60-days, you may request a return for refund.

Merchandise must be in excellent condition with all parts, accessories, and original packaging.

Feel free to contact us within 10-days of trying the system so we get a chance to help you get better results within your trial period.

If returned for any reason other than manufacturer’s error, 10% restocking fee will apply. The 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund. Shipping and return shipping is non-refundable as well. The customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

The 60-day period starts from date of receipt, we can choose to extend the trial period for a fair reason within our discretion.

If not satisfied in 60-days and if you would like to process return, please contact the office or via the website from where you made the purchase to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Units will not be accepted upon return without an issued RMA#. 

It is strongly suggested that Customers purchase insurance on the return shipment. If the package is damaged during the shipping process, the return will not be accepted. It is also suggested Customers get tracking and shipping confirmation when returning a product to ensure we receive the package. We are not responsible for packages lost during the return shipping process from the customer’s end.


The FlexPulse comes with a warranty which provides free servicing during its term starting from date of receipt.

Warranty period on the FlexPulse components of the product is:

Controller and Charging Disc: 2 years

Coil Applicators: 6-months

The warranty applies only if the product is non-functional due to a defect in production which is not present in other systems sold of the same model.

In case of servicing requirement which is outside the warranty, please contact us and we will make every effort to make it possible at minimal expense.

PEMF Reviews

PEMF devices

FlexPulse PEMF

Powerful wearable PEMF!

We offer a $50 rebate on your first order for completing our feedback process after 30 days of using the system. The feedback process includes submitting our online feedback form and submitting a review on Google & Facebook.

We will verify your submissions and send you the $50 rebate by reversing the charges to the same account and transaction used to place your order.

This rebate is only applicable to direct customers (You must have purchased from this website). The rebate will incorporate the price of one PEMF device only, that excludes shipping and accessories. Please contact us to receive the link to submit Feedback if you didn’t receive it after your order.

In a study (Amirifalah) of healthy women and a sham control group were given ELF-MF (intensity 200 μT) stimulation for 9 minutes. ELF-MF exposure frequencies were 10, 14, and 18 Hz, applied simultaneously to 2 brain areas at the top of the sides of the head (EEG settings C3 and C4) The effects were evaluated by electroencephalogram (EEG). The intent was to change the EEG for a therapeutic application, such as neurofeedback, by inducing a “resonance effect.” Local pulsed ELF-MF significantly decreases beta (15-25 Hz), sensorimotor rhythm (13-15 Hz), and theta (4-8 Hz) powers at a frequency of 10 Hz in C3 and C4 regions (12.0%-26.6%) after exposure (P < .05). The study indicates that PEMF stimulation to the top of the head at 10 Hz may be useful in the treatment of anxiety.

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