Flexpulse G2 PEMF

One replacement coil to be used with the Flexpulse G2 PEMF device.- 6-month manufacturer warranty, warranty does not cover regular wear and tear of the coil.


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It’s ultra-light controller and PEMF pads are easy to carry, wear and use. With 10-programs that range from 3 Hz to 1000 Hz, it’s a complete PEMF therapy system for personal use at anytime and anywhere. Recover faster, think clearer, feel better! Delivered worldwide with 60- days satisfaction guarantee.


What's in the box






Maximum Intensity:

200 Gauss (20000 microTesla)

Frequency Range:

3 – 1,000 Hz

Number of Programs:


Program Duration:

10 minutes – continuous

Input Power:

110 – 240 V AC

Shipping Weight:

2.6 lbs


Control unit: 4.5” x 2.5” x 1”

Applicators: 2” x 2.5″

Warranty Period:

Control Unit & Charging Disc: 2 years

Coil Applicators: 6-months

Return Period:


Restocking Fee:

20% of purchase price will apply

All shipping fees are non-refundable

More about PEMF Therapy Devices

An Advanced PEMF machine for truly effective PEMF therapy

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the FlexPulse G2 PEMF device contains a unique regenerative signal while also layering different frequency bands and programs together to create a truly versatile therapeutic PEMF device. Light-weight and flexible, the FlexPulse G2’s two PEMF pads can be applied to any part of the body to enhance cellular regeneration and find support and recovery from a variety of physiological and neurological issues…

Woman in lab building PEMF device and analyzing the motherboard of a PEMF machine

Life-long PEMF stimulation

FlexPulse™ G2 allows true regeneration to take place without side effects. Pulsating magnetic frequencies help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate faster! As a magnetic brain stimulation device, FlexPulse G2 PEMF enhances mental wellness & sharpness.

The FlexPulse™ G2 is unique from other PEMF equipment because it was developed based on more than 15 years of stem cell research, alongside decades of brainwave entrainment research. By increasing our body’s production of stem cells, the FlexPulse™ G2 allows for true regeneration to take place, safely, naturally, and without side effects. Specially selected brainwave entrainment frequencies mimic the patterns of the brain to help you become alert or feel relaxed, based on your needs at the time.

PEMF therapy using a FlexPulse G2 PEMF machine is the most comfortable and easiest way to detox as well as experience cellular regeneration life-long.


3 Hz is in the brainwave frequency Delta band. The primary value of 3 Hz is for deep relaxation and help with falling asleep and maintaining sleep. Because the FlexPulse is a battery-operated system, it can be used continuously throughout the night to help to maintain sleep. Read More Here.

7.8 Hz is considered the Schumann resonance and is thought to be the basic or fundamental resonance of the atmosphere of the planet. The Schumann frequencies actually occupy the range of brainwave frequencies, but 7.83 Hz has been determined to be the statistical average of the environmental frequencies. Read More Here.

10 Hz is in the alpha brainwave frequency band [8 – 13 Hz]. Alpha band stabilizes or augments brain frequency functions, when the baseline brain frequencies are too high or too low. In general, alpha band is his found to predominate during relaxation or meditation. People in alpha are relaxed, meditative, mindful and open-minded. Read More Here.

14 Hz is the sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) is the idling rhythm for the area of the brain controlling activations of muscle or extremity movements of the body. It is the long thin area of the brain located from the top of the head to the ear on each side of the head. As SMR increases, a person’s body becomes more relaxed. Hyperactive (ADHD) children have very little SMR activity. Read More Here.

23 Hz is in the Beta brainwave frequency band. This is considered the alertness frequency band. Beta can be very useful for people who are sluggish, have brain fog or are tired and even depressed. Beta stimulation can also be very useful for people driving long distances to reduce the fatigue and boredom factor with long-distance driving. Beta stimulation would also be good for people who are driving late at night, regardless of the distance, and who need to be alert for the trip. Read More Here.

This is considered the dominant gamma band brain wave frequency. Gamma oscillations are involved and needed for the simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas. Gamma waves are involved in higher brain tasks needed for cognitive functioning, learning, memory and information processing. Gamma improves mental clarity and efficiency improves processing. The faster gamma waves reflect activation of higher brain functions and affect attentive processing of information, active maintenance of memory contents and conscious perception. Read More Here.

This program was added primarily because there have been numerous studies using this particular frequency. It is the primary powerline frequency in Europe. See the list of conditions that 50 was used for Here.

This program was added primarily because there have also been a number of studies using this particular frequency. It is the primary powerline frequency in the USA and many other areas of the world. See the list of conditions that 50 was used for Here.

10 Hz is the most common oscillation in the largest muscles of the body and the non-skeletal muscles, such as in the intestines and blood vessels.

100 Hz is more often seen in the white muscle of the body, such as in the upper extremities, shoulders and upper chest.

Program 9 alternates every minute between 10 Hz and 100 Hz. Most of the time, program 2 is going to be used on the muscular, joint, tendon and ligament areas of the body. P1 (10 Hz) would still end up being used more often to accelerate tissue healing, whether muscle or other tissue. And, our experience indicates that 10 Hz alone is better for pain management. Read More Here.

Recent research has found that square wave 1000 Hz stimulation to the brain was effective in treating acute depression, even in those on medical therapies.

1 kHz (1000 Hz) square wave relatively low frequency magnetic stimulation (LFMS) signal has been tested by Rohan et al for the treatment of acute depression.  Read More Here. 


It is not recommended to use P10, without first seeing a professional to help with the management of any significant depression. 
Flex pulse PEMF machine front view
Athletic man walking thorough nature away from the camera while PEMF device is strapped around his knee.

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