How PEMF Therapy Helps Professional Athletes

Professional athletes need to be on top of their game at all times. With their constantly high intensity games, injuries are common occurrences in an athlete’s life. It is therefore important that athletes find a way to always be at their optimum performance.

While most athletes have found ways to supplement their natural energy through supplements and shakes, pain control still remains a mystery and a loophole at that. Opioid addictions are still on the rise in athlete circles and there in Is a desperate need for a solution to pain that does not carry with it the hefty price of addiction or death.

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Benefits of PEMF Therapy

injuries are common in athletes and for this reason, PEMF is important. PEMF therapy is important in the process of healing through the following ways.

Improves Aerobic Workout Capacity and Flexibility

PEMF improves the body’s ability to regenerate and produce ATP needed for extended energy during work outs. It also boosts the regenerative ability of creatine kinase which powers the heart’s contractility during aerobics. Regular use of PEMF therapy will enable an athlete to get the most out of their workouts and improve their performance during competitive athletics.

Upregulates Neuro-Endocrine Functions

Neuroendocrine functions include metabolism, growth and development, sleep and sexual function. These functions require a delicate balance of neuronal impulses with endocrine release. Any derangements in the neuroendocrine axis may result in sleep disorders, stunted growth, sexual dysfunction and fluctuations in weight.

PEMF therapy works by stimulating electrical function of the neuronal systems which in turn activates the neuro-endocrine system.

Increases Stamina by a Considerable Level

Even on an athlete’s best day, they sometimes need that extra boost in order to stay ahead of the competition. PEMF therapy is just the thing to give that extra stamina.

Improves Sleep

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. It has also been proven to improve the quality of sleep without the risk of addiction associated with sedative hypnotics such as benzodiazepines. In addition, PEMF therapy is especially beneficial for other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

This is very important in athletes who need their sleep for rest and rejuvenation.

Increases the Oxygen Metabolism

At optimum, the human body does not use up a large percentage of inhaled oxygen. PEMF therapy creates electromagnetic fields which improve the uptake and consumption of oxygen. More oxygen in the body means improved function of all organs that require oxygen.

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How PEMF Therapy Improves the Process of Healing in Athletes

Decreases Inflammation

PEMF therapy works by increasing electric stimulation and transmission in cells. When an injury occurs at cellular level due to disease or physical trauma, there is damage to the voltage gated channels causing a decrease in cell-to-cell transmission. The body responds to this by releasing mediators of inflammation such as cytokines. This is perceived as weakness, malaise and fever by the body.

What PEMF therapy does is to re-initiate and amplify voltage transmission through the cells. This in a way restores the function of the cells and organ at large. PEMF reduces healing time and inflammation largely.

Reduces Pain

Pain in athletes is a major cause of concern. Minor injuries when left unattended have been shown to progress to chronic pain which often led to athletes losing seasons and falling behind.

When used properly PEMF therapy devices can help reduce pain, promote healing after injuries and reduce recovery time after injuries considerably.

Reduction in Swelling

PEMF therapy devices have been shown to reduce oedema and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries. After a fall or injury in a game, swelling alone is one of the major causes of pain and prolonged recovery time.

Using PEMF therapy, athletes can reduce recovery time, reverse the process of cellular damage and be back in the field within no time.

Immune Balancing

Practice season is sometimes all year round. The cold in winter, pollen and sometimes heat in summer may cause athletes to suffer from all types of ailments. PEMF therapy has been shown to be quite effective in creating a balanced immune system.

In addition, a strong immune system allows athletes to function at their optimum in all seasons and cuts visits to the doctor’s by a large percentage.

How to use FlexPulse Devices

Our devices are built with an athlete’s body and metabolic work-up in mind. We have curated devices which have just the right frequency and wavelength form to cater to you. We encourage you to first check with your physician on your eligibility if you have any co-morbid conditions.

An otherwise healthy athlete can fully harness the benefits of PEMF therapy from the FlexPulse devices. Be sure to use the instructions on your devices to the latter for optimal benefit.

If you would like more information, we would love to hear from you. Email or call us.

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