PEMF For Stress – How To Get Calm & Relaxed

PEMF (pulsated electromagnetic fields) is a therapeutic use of pulsating magnetic fields applied by using PEMF devices. Personal PEMF Devices by FlexPulse are the most effective wearable pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices for rapid recovery & enhanced performance. With up to 12 hours continuous battery, operation and high-intensity (up to 200 G!) pulsed magnetic fields, the FlexPulse PEMF device is a real biohacking & life-extension tool that works on both, body & mind.

Overview: Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry. When this energy is disrupted (by a bruise or traumatic injury, a tough workout, bad diet, or simply from getting older), our cells are impaired. When your cells aren’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy, in whole or in part.

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Anxiety is a normal response to stress that allows coping with adverse situations. However, when anxiety becomes excessive it becomes a pathological disabling disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of psychiatric disorder. In the United States, the lifetime presence of anxiety disorders is about 29%.

What Happens in the Brain that relates to Anxiety?

Some believe there is an imbalance between the hemispheres of the brain and/or a deficit of limbic and brain cortex control. This could mean that anxiety, considered a “withdrawing from a situation” related emotion, is located in the right hemisphere, whereas emotions related to being able to “approach”, such as joy or happiness, are based in the left hemisphere. There appears to be increased right hemisphere activity in anxiety disorders.

What is PEMF?

Brain stimulation using Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) has numerous physiologic actions which contribute to a benefit in helping with these conditions. They also appear to satisfy an important condition of safety and low risk, along with effectiveness. PEMFs, including higher and lower-intensity PEMFs, are very helpful in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including PTSD. The value of PEMFs is that there is great potential for ongoing PEMF therapies in the home setting to provide enduring and long-lasting benefits with continued treatment.

What is the Evidence Those PEMFs Can Improve Anxiety

The evidence comes from animal studies and human studies using both high intensity (TMS) and lower intensity PEMF stimulation. Treatment can be implemented with low and high intensities, which correlate to different age groups, conditions, and gender.

Human Studies – Low Intensity

Most alpha brain stimulation research is conducted by stimulating the brain directly. However, stimulating other parts of the body may have an indirect action on the brain as well. Alpha EEG brain activity in healthy individuals with PEMF applied separately to the right or left hand was increased by 77%. The smallest EEG changes were seen in those who were self-reliant and showed little indication of strain and anxiety. The greatest changes happened in those showing anxiety, constraining activity, and less addictiveness

Human Studies – High Intensity

Anxiety can occur in people with other psychiatric disorders. Reducing their anxiety can often have an impact on the underlying condition as well. A study in which 1-Hz, 1-T rTMS was given to schizophrenic and major depression patients for 10 days reported that the depressed patients showed improvements in mood and the schizophrenic patients showed some decrease in their degree of anxiety and restlessness.

PEMF systems like the FlexPulse PEMF device solve these problems by using magnetic fields as opposed to direct electrical fields. The FlexPulse magnetic field generates a pulsed electromagnetic field at all levels of the tissues in the right range of field strength and duration to provide a cellular response much more safely than conventional electrotherapy.

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