PEMF Reviews and How to Choose the Best PEMF Device

When deciding which PEMF therapy device to invest in, consider what your needs are and what makes a good device. Since no device is made to fit all functions, customers are encouraged to seek advice from experts to help them make the right decision. Choosing the right PEMF device is essential for your overall health and that of your family. We have highlighted some of the best therapeutic devices that we think are effective for your needs. They include;

1. Flexpulse G2 PEMF device

Athletic man has PEMF device around his neck while treatment coils are being placed around his knee

This product is our number one choice for your PEMF therapy device. It is unique from other devices as it was developed on more than 15 years of extensive stem cell research and decades of brainwave entertainment research. By increasing our body’s production of stem cells, this device allows for regeneration to take place safely and more naturally without side effects. With a designed sequence of magnetic pulses, the Flexpulse G2 PEMF device is programmed to introduce a magnetic field into tissues to relieve pain and promote the healing process.

There are ten programs on this device, each containing different frequencies based on research developed for different applications. Through research, we are able to understand how this stimulation is effective for our bodies. When nerves are stimulated, muscles, bone, and eventually involved cells are stimulated too. There are a wide variety of frequencies present in this device’s system and can be used for relaxation, balancing the nervous system, improving cognition, and repairing wounds. In addition, there is a program containing 1,00Hz, revealed in recent research with a positive effect on depression and anxiety.

Since this device reaches up to 200 gauss in intensity, it effectively reduces painful inflammation. Each Flexpulse G2 system has two major components, the pulse generator, and the applicators. The unit can easily be placed in a pocket or strapped to an armband. It is also battery operated and can be worn during an activity or rest for a desired period of time. On the other hand, applicants emit the magnetic field and should be secured to the part of the body where treatment is needed.

2. BioBalance PEMF device

Man lying down on couch while BioBalance PEMF machine is laid over his stomach

For our second-best product, we picked the BioBalance PEMF therapy device. Compared to other PEMF devices, this device is unique in that it doesn’t overwhelm the body with poorly defined waveforms derived from outdated technologies. This device works in harmony with the body to enhance cell’s ability to heal themselves. It also aids in improving energy and sleep, promoting healthy aging, and providing gentle and effective detoxification. You only need to lay on the BioBalance PEMF therapy mat for about 15-30 minutes at least twice a day. This way, its pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygen integration, and speed up the removal of toxins in the body.

The BioBalance PEMF is technologically superior to other mat-type stems since;

  1. It has two ports allowing simultaneous use of both applicators without the typical loss of power.
  2. It consists of a large comfortable mat and small pillow pad applicators
  3. It can use either AC power or battery operation
  4. It upgrades software using a USB port
  5. It has a lightweight control unit
  6. Modulated carrier waves – 300,600,800,1000 Hz- that deliver energy more profound into the body
  7. Precise control of programs and intensity for up to 12 hours.


This device is easy and quick to use. You have to place the full-body PEMF therapy mat on a surface, lay on it, and select 1 of the six programs available. If necessary, you can also place the pillow pad on the affected part of the body that requires treatment. Both applicators can be used simultaneously or use the pillow pad after or before a full-body PEMF therapy session. When the program is running, the control unit sends a low voltage (10 volts to be precise) signal to the mat, which translates it through 21 copper coils into 21 concentrated pulsating magnetic fields. These magnetic fields penetrate the body in a gentle way, in which most people will not feel anything, while some will feel a slight sensation of warmth.

Some of the benefits of BioBalance PEMF include; speed up the recovery process, reduced pain and inflammation, enhanced learning and concentration, improved tissue oxygenation, improved circulation, and deeper, high-quality sleep.

3. TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable PEMF therapy device

TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable therapy device falls as our number three choice of the best therapy device. This device is a rugged version of TeslaFit+ 2 with a maximum PEMF amplitude of 3990 Gauss. This high-intensity impulse PEMF system is suitable for any home or clinic. It helps manage aches and pain, speed up the recovery process and tune up an aging body. This device is portable and effective to anyone looking to recovery and regenerating faster.

Muscle contractions can be experienced at such high intensity. In addition, high-intensity PEMF application maximizes the cellular voltage, which speeds up the healing and recovery process. The TeslaFit Plus 2 Portable device is also simple to operate, with five intensity levels that can be run for 5 to 10 minutes. Also, a 10 Hz frequency runs in the background and is useful for cellular regeneration. With this therapy device, you can choose between 4 applicator packs and comes with a warranty period of 3years for the control unit and one year for the applicators.

These PEMF devices are great and have multiple benefits to the patient. If you want to start out, we recommend starting with a full-body PEMF device due to the vast range of benefits for the entire body and not just one area. You need a tried and tested system that offers you the right range of frequencies and intensity for your specific needs for effective results. Since not a single therapeutic device is constructed to perform all functions, it is important to consult first so you can be pointed in the right direction.

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