PEMF therapy for eyes has beneficial effects for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, “floaters”, macular degeneration and also helps de-stress the eyes.

This research review will help understand age-related and strain or stress related eye problems and explain how PEMF therapy can benefit eye health.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy in Glaucoma

The National Eye Institute’s statistics of Prevalence of Adult Vision Impairment and Age-Related Eye Diseases show that more than 35 million Americans over 40 had at least one of the big four types of eye problems, i.e., age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.

The Glaucoma research foundation statistics show that the disease is an expensive affair. The research foundation’s doctors agree that glaucoma medications have side-effects. They mention laser surgery as an “excellent alternative” albeit stating that the effect is not permanent and glaucoma medications would need to be started anyways.

This information leads us to continued exploration of healing mechanisms for such eye disorders as these are clearly not completely effective, sufficient or practical. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy’s preventive and restorative effects on vision loss due to ageing are incredibly exciting due to their effectiveness and it’s easy enough to apply at home. We hope the following information helps you apply this novel technology.

In recent times, many studied have been conducted for testing the efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields to restore vision or treat vision loss due to a variety of eye problems.

Effectiveness of PEMF therapy for glaucoma and optic nerve disorders

Pulsed electromagnetic fields can be applied for optic nerve disorders and glaucoma. The recovery happens due to its neuro-regenerative effects of PEMF therapy which occur because it improves blood circulation​1​ and micro-circulation​2​ that is needed to keep eyes healthy. Improved blood circulation happens to due better oxygenation, i.e, the energy carrying capacity of the blood. These processes are integral to keep cells young.

The effect of PEMF therapy on blood flow of hemodynamics of eyes with glaucoma was studied in 1990​3​ and found to beneficial and effective within just 10 sessions of 10 minutes each.

According to a study from 1996​4​, applying PEMF therapy for glaucoma decreased the visual field deficit or the size of the cataract.

A more recent study​5​ found regression in symptoms and improvement of vision with glaucoma and another found it comparatively more effective than conventional approaches that use tablets for vasoactive effects.

Several ocular disorders are due to diabetes. PEMF therapy helps diabetic neuropathy​6​ and therefore it naturally helps diabetes related vision loss such as in cases of diabetic retinopathy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy in Glaucoma

Hundreds, if not thousands of people have been trying PEMF therapy. Modern PEMF devices allow longer and easier ways to apply PEMFs.

With regular application of pulsed magnetic fields by using a device to deliver PEMF to the eyes, eye sight would naturally stop degenerating due to ageing. PEMF has anti-ageing benefits and therefore provides preventive care to your eyes.

PEMF therapy for eye strain, fatigue and pulled eye muscles

Besides ageing related vision loss issues, eye problems also include pulled eye muscles and eye-strain. Although we won’t go to an ophthalmologist for sore eyes, feeling sore in the eye is no joke! Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices dictate the stress our cells operate under.

Optic nerve atrophy or optic nerve damage can happen as a result of a variety of issues such as hereditary genetic disorders, trauma (including stroke), tumor, decrease in oxygen or blood supply and infections.

In 1990, a preliminary study​7​​​ found an improvement of 0.2 diopters or more in the vision acuity in cases of optic nerve atrophy using low-frequency magnetotherapy in 90% of the cases. In 2019 and going forward there should be no doubt that pulsed magnetic fields improve eye-sight too.

PEMF therapy for eyes is not necessarily in the eye doctor’s prescription yet and not yet available at the optometrist but the numbers on your eye glasses prescription could well go down.

Some exciting news for competitive sports players and athletes, magnetic stimulation can reduce your reaction-time too. Visual afterimages last for microseconds or less. Even in the absence of small transients, visual inputs information will be perceived as fading from the perceptual experience. Journal of cognitive neuroscience published a recent experiment​8​ using magnetic stimulation applied to the brain’s visual cortex reduced fading of visual afterimages.

PEMF therapy for eyes allows gentle regeneration and provides preventive effects at low amplitudes over long-term, while higher intensities would provide faster acting results.

Electromagnetic therapy’s dual effects, mental wellness and performance enhancement, make it highly effective for de-stressing and detoxification. With fewer tired days and deeper sleep it PEMF therapy is beneficial to the entire body including our precious eyes.

Electrical stimulation or PEMF therapy for Prevention or Reversal of Eye problems?

While electrical stimulation for eye health has been studied and applied more, this is due to electric stimulation being a much older technology. Electromagnetic stimulation has consistently proven to have superior effects as a pulsed electromagnetic field faces much lesser resistance than an electric field and thus is able to penetrate deeper and affect a wider area with lesser power.

PEMF therapy for eyes also allows a more natural recovery for the cells as the electromagnetic therapy field is much weaker and stimulates the cells to recover more naturally due to improved oxygenation.

Finally, you’d need specialists for electrical stimulation, and it would require follow-ups. PEMF is a safer alternative and if used responsibly, everyone can benefit from its use.

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