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Man sits with FlexPulse device strapped to his shorts and PEMF treatment coils applied to his knee

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a safe and effective treatment for both general health maintenance and many acute and chronic health problems, including injury, pain management, improved circulation, and enhanced healing of tissues and bone. Portable PEMF systems make it simple to travel and still utilize PEMF therapy.

When receiving PEMF treatments in clinical settings, patients expect the limitations of bulky machines. But office treatments can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and costly. Many insurance companies won’t cover the cost of regular PEMF treatments, and even when they do, there can be substantial copayments that quickly add up. 

Owning a portable PEMF device, that doesn’t require power from an electrical outlet, allows for flexibility, versatility in treatments for local body problems, and use by multiple members of the household.  This makes it a solid investment. A PEMF device will not become obsolete after treating the initial condition it is purchased for since it can be beneficial for a wide range of health conditions, as well as being an effective health maintenance tool.

With a home system, PEMF treatment can be far more comfortable. Rather than being confined to uncomfortable positions in a small treatment room, portable home PEMF devices can be used almost anywhere: in a car, on a bed, couch, or comfortable armchair.

Additionally, portable PEMF devices can be easily taken along on business trips or vacations. Painful conditions don’t disappear when you need to travel, so having a therapeutic system that can travel with you is quite valuable. A portable PEMF device might even make that vacation much more enjoyable! Competitive athletes can also benefit from portable PEMF systems since competition means a great deal of travel. 

Even clinicians who spend a lot of time moving between treatment spaces (such as physical therapists, chiropractors, or even veterinarians who make house calls) can benefit from having a portable PEMF device at their disposal.

Research shows clear benefits from portable PEMF devices

Research has detailed the impact of PEMF therapy for decades, and many studies have been conducted using the smaller, portable devices rather than machines designed for clinical use. The studies below are just a few of those that demonstrate how effective and impactful portable PEMF devices can be for a variety of health conditions.

A 2015 randomized, placebo-controlled study of 120 patients undergoing unilateral mandibular third molar extraction sought to determine the clinical efficacy of a wearable PEMF therapy device, pertaining to  pain and quality of healing. In this study, three post-surgery groups were assigned to wear a test device, placebo device, or no device. Patients recorded their pain using a visual analog scale (VAS), and tracked analgesic use for a week. Researchers then assessed healing complications in all groups. while test patients’ VAS scores and analgesic use showed only slightly lower numbers, significantly fewer had tooth extraction site wound breakdown (dehiscence) than placebo patients. The researchers concluded that PEMF therapy delivered through a wearable device improved soft tissue healing and was a beneficial add-on therapy for pain management after oral surgery.

Another study examined whether portable PEMF therapy could reduce pain in early knee osteoarthritis.  Results showed that VAS scores decreased significantly in the active cohort.  These results were not seen in the sham cohort. The overall decrease in mean VAS score for the active cohort was nearly three times that of the sham cohort. Although this was a small trial, results suggested that PEMF therapy delivered through this portable device could have a significant, rapid impact on pain caused by early knee OA.

Other research has shown that treatment with portable PEMF devices had a positive impact on pain in fibromyalgia patients, and significant improvement in healing of recalcitrant, predominantly venous leg ulcers. This is just a small sampling of research that has been conducted on the benefits of PEMF therapy using portable PEMF devices.

Choosing the appropriate portable PEMF device

There are a number of high quality portable PEMF devices in the marketplace, and selecting the appropriate device will depend on the intended uses. Size and weight are two important factors, since the goal of a portable device is to be able to transport it easily when necessary. But there are several other questions that you should consider as well: How often will the device be used? What type of treatment is necessary? What intensity and frequency do you need? 

You’ll also need to consider budget, whether for home use or use by a clinician. There is no one system that will be right in every situation, so proper research is essential. 

The FlexPulse is a powerful wearable PEMF machine.  With a peak intensity of 200 Gauss and a square wave signal, it provides enough power to offer effective, long term pulsed electromagnetic therapy for pain management and healing. 

The applicator pads are lightweight and easily applied to the body wherever treatment is required. With this portable PEMF device, you can stimulate and optimize function of all the targeted cells, including neurons, tissues, bones, and cartilage. The system comes with two pad applicators. This lightweight, portable device can be used anytime, anywhere.  

Ten programs with individual frequencies ranging from 3 Hz, 7.8, 10, 14, 23, 40, 50, 60, 100 to 1000 Hz make the FlexPulse appropriate for a wide range of applications for the whole family, including neurological issues, such as, sleep and anxiety.

The FlexPulse is a very affordable option for the power it provides. The PEMF device comes with a 30 -day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year International warranty, making it a no-risk healing alternative.

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