Top 10 Benefits of PEMF Therapy

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There are many, many health concerns which Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF can address. In fact, we could write a series of articles just on the studies alone, not to mention each and every individual benefit which is possible through this method of treatment. However, for the purpose of effective and informative communication, we will focus today on 10 of the most common and helpful health benefits of PEMFs.

Pain Reduction and Relief

For those living with constant pain, the thought of an effective treatment may seem like little more than a dream. You may have tried countless forms of therapy from acupuncture to medications to hot stone massages. Chances are that if you are looking into PEMFs, you still haven’t found relief. Even if you have experienced some type of improvement, the therapy only treats the symptoms and as time goes by, you build up a tolerance. This requires an increase in dosage or treatment, creating a negative and lifelong cycle.

Improved Circulation and Unrestricted Blood Flow

Since the majority of the body’s functions are handled by blood cells moving freely throughout the various systems such as the neurological, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, and many others, it is necessary that these cells are able to travel unimpeded by blockages and other issues which cause restrictions in flow.

Better and Fuller Sleep Cycles

Many studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of all adults experience some level of sleep deprivation. Of those two-thirds, nearly one-third of them experience chronic sleep deprivation. That is a lot of people out driving, working with heavy machinery and equipment, and doing many other things which require alertness and attentiveness, all while suffering from a lack of sleep.

PEMF therapy can not only help those struggling with issues falling asleep, but also staying asleep. This nocturnal cycle is when all of the body’s regenerative and restorative processes take place. Keeping it in balance is critical to overall health.

Improved Mental Focus and Concentration

PEMF therapy promotes the alpha state in neurological function. This is when the mind is at its most aware and its senses are the most heightened. The alpha state is the peak time for learning and retaining information. Unfortunately, one of the many issues that go along with blood cells that are not properly charged is the inability to create and maintain this state. By increasing the beta waves through PEMFs, the brain is able to process, problem solve, and multitask much more efficiently.

Better Muscle Performance

When all of the positive and negative electromagnetic charges are working properly in healthy cells, it oftentimes produces improved muscle performance. This includes everything from mobility and flexibility to increased stamina and strength. This is critical as you age and lose this type of function and ability.

Reduction in Stress and Anxiety

PEMFs not only offer incredible benefits to the physical well being of patients, but also to the mental aspects as well. This is especially necessary in a time of unprecedented anxiety over the state of the world. In addition to worries over the global pandemic and keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and healthy, the economic impact of various shutdowns has also increased the stress levels of many people.

PEMFs change the stress responses in the body, resulting in a more efficient function of the nervous and endocrine systems. In addition to that, back in 2011 the FDA approved transcranial PEMF therapy to treat severe depression.

Enhanced Healing, Repair, and Recovery Processes

This is one of the most common uses of PEMFs for the simple reason it includes so many specific dysfunctions. In addition to the fact that it can improve muscle strength and endurance (as we noted in a previous section), energy production in the muscles themselves can increase by as much as 500% with regular treatment sessions.

By triggering the production of heat stress proteins before exercise, PEMF therapy assists in not only preventing the wear and tear and ultimately, the breakdown of cells, it also promotes accelerated restoration and recovery. For people struggling with chronic injuries or continual pain, it means finally having the relief they so desperately seek. For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, it means performing at a higher level with less recovery time.

Reduction of Inflammation and Swelling

When the body’s repair and recovery process are not working properly, this is oftentimes the main culprit. It is very hard for the body to heal inflammation and reduce swelling when there are issues with blood flow, as well as with the health of the blood cells themselves.

Cellular Restoration

Every function in the body relies on its cell membranes and their electromagnetic charges. When these charges are out of balance, any or all of the issues listed in this article can occur. When these cells are working properly, they are able to do everything from processing nutrition better to carrying much needed chemicals to the various parts of the body. This one improvement alone can lead to better oxygenation, better circulation, and more efficient productivity in every aspect.

Improved Overall General Health

To summarize the health and wellness benefits that PEMF therapy can offer, the main thing to point out is that addressing even one of these issues can have a tremendous impact on the rest of your life. Oftentimes these problems can be intertwined with one another. This means that treating one concern effectively can lead to solutions for others. And since blood cell therapy isn’t condition-specific, the same general treatment can be used on a number of problems.


With so many possible benefits of using PEMF therapy, there is little reason not to at least consider it. Even if you are suffering from just one of the issues listed in this article, the difference it can make for you could be life-changing. This method of treatment is expected to supplant many traditional therapies in the next few years. Don’t get left behind. Get in touch with the experts here at FlexPulse to find out more about how PEMFs can help you.

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