What Are PEMF Therapy Side Effects?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a well-studied, non-invasive healing tool that is effective in treating numerous conditions of the mind and body. Although PEMF therapy has been around for decades, it has recently grown in popularity as a safe and natural way to improve overall health and well-being with limited PEFM side effects.

Used in conjunction with other therapies like yoga, meditation, exercise and even conventional medicine, PEMF therapy offers boundless healing potential. As with any therapy, however, it’s important to learn about the limitations and side effects that may be relative to PEMF therapy.

How Serious Are PEMF Side Effects?

Since electromagnetic therapies produce a wide array of interactions within the body, some discomfort is not uncommon with initial treatment. However, these reactions only happen about 5% of the time and when PEMF treatment has just begun. In addition, mild adverse reactions typically occur with whole body treatment and not with local treatments.

Most of these side effects are mild and temporary and usually cease with the continuation of therapy. Moreover, these reactions are more common and uncomfortable for those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It is rare that users need to discontinue magnetic therapy due to negative side effects.

Because magnetic therapies can alter body systems and stimulate cells and tissues, overreactions by the body do sometimes occur. Whether measurable or perceived, such responses can be due to increased circulation, induced relaxation, stimulation of nerve cells and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Side Effects of PEMF Therapy

Many scientists and health professionals alike will attest to the safety and effectiveness of PEMF therapy. In addition, more than 7,000 studies and clinical trials have shown it to be safe. However, the first 10 minutes of exposure to PEMF frequencies increases oxygen to cells and can stimulate the removal of toxins.

This detoxification can cause mild side effects like headaches, nausea, muscle aches and fatigue. More often than not, these effects are temporary and will go away simply by taking a break from treatment. As your body adjusts to PEMF therapy, these reactions rarely linger. In addition, you can reduce the chance of PEMF therapy side effects by drinking plenty of water before and after treatment. This will help speed the removal of toxins and help your body maintain optimal cellular hydration.

Are There Limitations to PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy also enhances the absorption of nutrients and medications. Therefore, the effects will vary from person to person, depending on the user’s lifestyle, health condition and nutrient/medication/supplement intake.

For example, uncomfortable reactions may occur with PEMF therapy if you are not meeting your body’s requirement for essential nutrients. These sensations can include agitation, weakness, fatigue, dizziness and increased urination. Nutritional deficiencies can inhibit your cells from regenerating, even when well-energized. Consulting a nutritionist if you experience these reactions may be helpful.

When using PEMF therapy to improve sleep, results can vary with each individual. For most people, benefits can be see within days, but for some people with stubborn chronic  problems, it may take up to a month to see results. However, users can expect both short- and long-term positive effects on sleep quality with PEMF therapy.

Those with pre-existing heart conditions should proceed with caution regarding PEMF therapy. Depending on the type of condition and its severity, for example, those with heart rhythm disturbances or with pacemakers/defibrillators it may be wise to avoid PEMF therapy altogether. In addition, expectant mothers  should avoid electromagnetic therapy.

Finally, using more than one PEMF device simultaneously can be counterproductive. This will make it hard to determine which device is having what effect. If you can afford to buy multiple devices to compare them, make sure to space them out by a few weeks or months.

Thousands of clinical trials and scientific studies back PEMF therapy’s safety and effectiveness. Almost everyone can easily apply it at home to improve their quality of life, with very few people reporting the mild and temporary side effects that sometimes occur

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