What Are Top Benefits of PEMF Therapy?

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is one of the fastest growing treatment practices in medicine. With the mounting evidence and the extensive research which has been done since the 1940s, it is being proven that that there are plenty of benefits of PEMF in terms of health and wellness. With thousands of studies already in publication on the incredible benefits and minimal risks, this method of therapy may soon be replacing other more conventional options.

What Does PEMF Therapy Do?

In the simplest terms, PEMF “exercises” the body’s cells and helps to energize, repair, and restore them. The way it does this is by altering the electromagnetic fields in which they are currently operating in. Once they begin to function more efficiently, everything from digestion to the expelling of toxins to enhanced sleep may take place.

How Does It Help in a General Sense?

General health and wellness have to do less with individual systems and more with how the body feels overall. It might be better joint health contributing to improved back, knee, and hip movement and flexibility. Since PEMF therapy provides benefits to the cellular level, these cells then, in turn, improve the function and efficiency of many other things in the body.

How Does It Help in a Specific Sense?

Specifically, there are a number of areas which have had extensive research and studies performed on them. These reports have shown positive results on a number of conditions ranging from cellular to biological to neurological, and others. In this section, we will take a look at some of the ways that PEMF therapy can improve not only general health but also address certain, specific issues:

Critical Functions

There are certain functions that our bodies perform that are crucial to its survival. If one of these systems were to go offline, the results could be fatal. Whether it is due to age or a medical condition, PEMF may be able to help with:

  • Circulatory system
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved cellular repair/recovery
  • Brain health and function

Daily Functions

Although some functions and systems are life and death, others are more for day to day operations. Everything we do from walking up stairs to carrying groceries to getting through the work day requires healthy cells and biological components. Here are some of the ways that PEMF has shown to help some people in those areas:

  • Improved muscle performance
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Reduction in pain and/or swelling
  • Performance, repair, & recovery
  • Increased metabolism & energy
  • Better overall joint & bone health

Improved Relaxation & Sleep

Around two-thirds of all adults struggle with some type of sleep disorder or deprivation. A number of contributing factures such as blue screen exposure disrupting the production of melatonin are to blame. Others are unhealthy diets and lack of activity. Because of the effects the PEMF therapy has on neurological function, relaxation becomes easier. Once that takes place, sleep comes more naturally.

Emotional Health Management

Another possible cause of the aforementioned sleep issues may be stress and anxiety. In some people who suffer from depression, lack of sleep is one of the main symptoms as well. Aside from the connection to sleep, mental health concerns are rapidly on the rise.

Global health crises coupled with difficult economic times are pushing those who were already struggling deeper into a hole. Since PEMF therapy helps to facilitate the repair of cells, those which are damaged by stress can be restored and recharged. This helps to regulate and manage these symptoms in some cases.

What is PEMF Therapy and What Are PEMF Devices Used For

What Are PEMF Devices Used For?

The short answer would obviously be to help manage various health conditions. But the complete answer includes 100s of specific illnesses, conditions, and disorders. What many people do not realize is that this technology is not new.

In fact, many people in Europe were familiar with it back in the 1990s. And it has been around even longer than that. It has been approved to treat a number of health issues and is rapidly growing in popularity among mainstream wellness seekers.

General and Chronic Pain Relief

The estimates are as high as 3 out of 4 adults experience some type of recurring or chronic pain. For some of these people, the pain can become unbearable at times. Of course, the situation is not always so dire. Some people may simply struggle with the occasional ache or discomfort. Others may be dealing with a long term but manageable pain issue.

Regardless of what it is, PEMF therapy repairs cells, soft tissue, and bone while also reducing swelling and inflammation. This leads to a number of beneficial and pain relieving results.

Athletic Recovery

There are many reasons that PEMF therapy may be helpful to an athlete. Even the casual or serious fitness enthusiast could also benefit from using it. Although aches and strains go with the territory of exercising and aging, ignoring oncoming problems now can oftentimes make them worse in the future. This is especially true of injuries which don’t get the proper medical attention or heal correctly. Here are a few things PEMFs can help with:

  • Hamstrings
  • Tendons & ligaments
  • Muscle tissue
  • Sprains & strains
  • Fractures
  • Joints

Rehab Therapy & Accident Recovery

There are also many applications to people who are recovering from some type of physical trauma. Whether an on-the-job or vehicle accident, it can still have devastating effects on your body. PEMFs are often very helpful during rehabilitation processes or following surgery. Just one benefit is the tremendous improvement they can offer to the circulation.

Improved Neurological Function

Cells are the first reactors to PEMF therapy. Your body begins to improve on a cellular level before anywhere else. So it only makes sense that your neurological cells would benefit relatively quickly. This can help with such issues as focus and concentration, as well as aiding in sleep.

Wound and Bone Healing

This is one of the biggest benefits of PEMFs. There are any number of ways that a person can get a wound. Some disorders such as diabetes may cause them to appear very frequently. Other times they can be due to accidents. Even broken bones respond to this type of therapy. The reason is because PEMF treatments stimulate the bodies’ own natural ability to heal itself.

Deciding Which PEMF Therapy Method Is Right for You

Deciding Which Method Is Right for You

One of the ways that this innovative technology is so effective and diverse in what it can address is because it can be adjusted to so many different settings. This allows the user to target the specific area or system of their body to produce results. Doing that takes a consultation with an expert, as well as your doctor.

Evaluating Your Issues

The first thing that you need to do is establish what you need PMEFs for. Is it for severe or chronic pain? Is it a one-time (period) issue or a long-term problem? There are also the sleep disorders and neurological issues discussed earlier. So clearly, knowing what it is that you wish to improve is the only way to start.

Choosing a Treatment Strategy

It is important to take the time to learn about the technical aspects of PEMF as well. That way, you not only know what it does but also how it does it. Altered electromagnetic waves which adjust the waves of your cells may seem complicated but it’s actually not as hard to understand as you might think. The main points to focus on include:

  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Application
  • Session length
  • Session frequency

Deciding Which Type of Therapy Regimen Is Right for You

Once you know what it is you need, now the process switches to how to get it. Just as with everything else, you have multiple choices. Since there are so many different types of devices available on the market, as well as so many different technical settings, choosing the way you wish to receive your therapy also deserves a look:


If you are fortunate enough to live near a provider of this type of therapy, that may be an option. There may be some advantages to doing it this way but you will most likely run into a few problems as well. Things like limited availability and scheduling conflicts are common.

Rental Machine

Some people prefer to receive their therapy at their own home but don’t want to purchase their own device. In these instances, there are companies that specialize in renting and leasing PEMF equipment. However, this is more expensive in the long run than simply making the upfront investment.


One thing worth noting is the fact that there are high quality PEMF options available for a wide range of prices. Between desktop devices, portables, duos, and therapy mats, there are a lot of ways to purchase your own. Investing in your health is never a bad move.

The health and wellness professionals here at FlexPulse can help you find out even more about this incredible technology. Contact us today for more information about performance, specs, safety, or any other question you may have.

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