Low Impact Cardio Exercises You Can Do at Home

If you are a beginner, perhaps never worked out before, or have some joint issues or injuries, low impact exercises are a good place to start. Low impact cardio exercises are safe for anyone with joint issues because they focus on keeping one foot on the ground. Furthermore, keeping one foot on the ground works by alleviating pressure on the joints.

We have put together some low impact cardio exercises that you can safely do at home. In fact, whether you have knee or hip problems or never worked out before, these exercises are ideal. Along with these cardio exercises, understand that even professional athletes can benefit from these exercises for recovery purposes.

We recommend doing all the below cardio exercises as a circuit, for one minute each. If you can, repeat the circuit three times to get the most out of your workout.

Before Getting Started

Before you start with our low impact exercises, there are a few things to think about first. As this is a brilliant full workout for those seeking low impact cardio exercises, you may be able to complete this several times during the week. Also, you may even consider using this routine as a warm-up by itself, as you improve.

Depending on your fitness level, you can completely customize these exercises to suit you. In that case if you are unable to complete any of these exercises for the full one minute, then take a break in-between.

If you find any of these exercises too easy or that they get easier as you improve over time, you could add dumbbells into your routine. It is important to adjust your exercise routine as your fitness improves if you want to keep seeing results. While your exercise should always be a challenge, you should never push yourself too hard. Therefore, if you need a rest, take a short break!

Our Low Impact Cardio Exercise Circuit

Jumping Jacks

This is the perfect exercise for warming up before jumping straight in. Jumping Jacks will for sure get your heart and blood pumping.

Begin by standing with both your elbows bent up, so your palms are facing forward.

Step out with your right foot, while simultaneously bringing your arm above your head. As you lean slightly towards the left, keep your weight on the left.

Return to the starting position and step out onto your left foot.

Once again, shift your weight onto your right as you step out with your left foot. Lift your arm as you go.


Start in the curtsy lunge position with both knees bent.

Position your right leg behind and across your body and place your left arm down your body. Your right arm should be bent towards the side.

Push with your left leg into a standing position. Bring your right leg forward while swinging your left leg back and across your body.

Switch your arms as you switch sides.

Squat to jab

Begin by standing with your feet ever-so-slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be down by your sides.

While you squat down, keep your chest up and knees bent outward.

As you begin to stand, throw a punch with each arm and squat back down.


Standing oblique crunch

Stand up with your hands behind your head, elbows bent. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Lift your right leg. Put your weight onto your left side as you bend your right knee towards your elbow.

Lower your elbow slightly towards your knee as you move.

Lower your leg and returning to the standing position. Switch legs and repeat.

Lateral shuffle

Begin in the standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart. Both knees and hips should be slightly bent to be in a forward posture with arms up to your chest.

Take quick steps to the right, by pushing off with your left foot.

As you maintain your posture, repeat to the left.

Reverse-lunge front kick

Start by standing on your left leg with your left knee slightly bent. Your arms should be raised towards your chest, interlocking your fingers for balance.

Lift your right leg and kick it out in front of you.

As you bring your right leg back, step down into a reverse lunge.

Stand up and repeat.

Other Low Impact Exercises

If you want to add more low impact exercises into your new routine, you could consider these activities:

Cycling – for a high-intensity workout

Rowing – for great cardio and strength training

Swimming – for a total-body workout

In summary, all our low impact exercises can be completed at home, several times a week to get the best results. All in all, you should start seeing results within a few short weeks – but don’t forget to add in some additional moves or weights as you improve!

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