See how easy it is to apply FlexPulse PEMF coils and some tips to get best results.

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Coil Placement

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The FlexPulse portable PEMF device has 2 separate ports for the coils. Each coil has a long lead so that you can easily adjust coil placement based on your needs. The maximum intensity the FlexPulse can produce is 200 gauss. Plugging in 2 coils at the same time will reduce the power output of individual coils and drain the battery faster too.

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Ensure that the coil is situated so that the side with the large circle printed on it is facing the body. The coil may be secured to the body using a wrap or band (such as a sweat band or Ace bandage) or with athletic tape. The coil may also be held in place by being tucked under snug-fitting clothing or in a pocket.

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What are Pulsed
Electromagnetic Fields?

Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry.

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