Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery

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No matter how you slice it, every sport has an inherent risk of getting injured. In fact, inferior training methods or just simple overuse are the cause of the most common injuries. However, the harsh reality is that most athletes continue to train and even compete with injuries, both minor and significant. This is the main reason coaches and trainers alike put so much emphasis on preventing injuries altogether. Additionally, even if only for one match or competition, no athlete likes the idea of being sidelined. A pulsed electromagnetic field device or PEMF machine can be an excellent tool when used in conjunction with the already established fundamentals of rest, stretching, and diet. These devices can take your fitness regimen to the next level and assist immensely in sports recovery and injury prevention. Read on to find out more about how a PEMF machine can give you the winning edge.

The RICE Method

The RICE method is a well known and long-standing method used within the sports and fitness world. It stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation and is a tried and true method for the treatment of sprains and strains. In fact, healthcare professionals oftentimes recommend it for mild to moderate injuries. Especially since it is a simple self-care practice that helps to speed healing by reducing pain and swelling. However, just because it is easy to do at home does not mean that world-class athletes are not using it to combat the not so glorious part of the job. In fact, many professional athletes and doctors with sports teams across the globe use this simple but effective method to combat a variety of ailments.

The critical difference is that a professional athlete often has a team of scientists, doctors, and specialists with highly specialized equipment on hand to assist in the recovery and healing process. On the other hand, the average recreational athlete does not have access to the same types of professionals and equipment. However, as time goes on the technology that helps to assist these professional athletes is becoming more widespread and less expensive. Making some of the tools used by them increasingly helpful to even the weekend warrior.

Sports Technology

One excellent example of sports technology becoming readily available to the consumer is the use of personal monitoring devices. This well-known example is made possible with the widespread adoption of smartphones, software applications, and wearable activity monitors. This means that anyone and everyone can take full control of their workouts, diet, and fitness routines. It gives them the ability to keep close tabs on data and to increase fitness output while also managing their fitness regime and injury risk in greater detail. PEMF machines are another excellent example of technology emerging onto the market as costs and size are driven down.

PEMF machines were once so big that you had to visit a practitioner just to use one. Recently they have been miniaturized into a device about the size of a cell phone. This means they can be easily transported and used discreetly if so desired. Another driving factor has been the reduction in cost to own these machines. What was once the realm of a doctor or specialized provider is now something that can be owned by the average joe. This makes treatment at home or on the go easy and convenient.

What is PEMF?

PEMF is a shortened acronym for the pulsed electromagnetic field. In over 10,000 clinical studies PEMF therapy has helped the body to effectively heal itself with the use of a PEMF machine. The PEMF device itself does not do the healing with a specific treatment or cure. However, the pulsed electromagnetic field has been shown to improve the body’s natural healing abilities. This has been confirmed in studies down on small animals such as rats showing a 20% increase in blood flow to the skeletal muscles. In fact, PEMF therapy has been around for almost 60 years with widespread use in Europe to treat a variety of ailments. It was even under research by NASA at one point to help astronauts with bone growth after returning from missions in space.

How Does PEMF Work?

During PEMF therapy a magnetic field that pulses using a variety of different frequencies. Depending on the frequency and pulse selected it can help with a variety of ailments from chronic pain to sports recovery. PEMF machines produce electrical variations at a cellular level and send these pulses into the soft tissues of the body. Unlike static magnets that only generate low-level magnetic induction PEMF machines combine short duration, high-intensity electromagnetic pulses with several frequencies. This process creates a magnetic field that can penetrate deeply into joints and muscles. Thereby resulting in pain reduction in as little as two minutes and often having a long-lasting effect.

Minuscule cells compose every single part of our body. This includes organs, skin, and bones. These cells naturally have positive and negative charges that coordinate the exchange of minerals. Upon becoming distressed they lose their ability to function properly. PEMF machines use a pulsed magnetic field to promote the contraction and expansion of cells. This allows the cells to detoxify by moving blood-oxygen and better-circulating nutrients through the cell body. Additionally, they restore the positive and negative charge naturally found in the cells leading to proper function.

What Are The Benefits of PEMF?

PEMF machines treat a variety of ailments, especially those associated with sports recovery. They energize the cells, improve circulation, and increase oxygen levels. These qualities have led to a wide assortment of benefits in the body. For instance, PEMF relieves pain, reduces swelling, reduces inflammation, restores membrane potential, and improves cell hydration. This therapy causes zero pain and has zero side effects, making it an awesome tool for sports recovery. It is also by far less invasive than some more traditional methods such as surgery or physical therapy. Best of all there is no need for prescriptions that can have serious side effects or be highly addictive.

PEMF Therapy makes a great option when looking for pain and injury relief due to sports recovery but with a holistic approach. Without the need for harmful medications or invasive procedures, it can be a game-changer for the professional athlete and weekend warrior alike. Unlike things like X-rays and gamma rays which can cause damage to cells and DNA. PEMF machines use non-ionizing radiation that is completely harmless to humans. Not only can these machines assist humans, but they can also help animals. In fact, Veterinarians were among the first physicians to use PEMF therapy, using it to heal broken legs in racehorses.

PEMF for Sports Recovery

If you are looking for an effective and simple tool to add to your fitness recovery arsenal then look no further than PEMF. This revolutionary technology has been in use for over half a century with millions of users swearing by its results. Whether you are a professional athlete or an average recreational athlete you can benefit from a PEMF device for sports recovery. Join the millions of already satisfied users and grab one for yourself. Take your training and sports recovery to the next level with a sleek PEMF machine. It is sure to become one of the most effective tools in your quest to improve sports recovery. Find out today why so many athletes swear by the technology!

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