PEMF for Athletic Development and Sports Performance Enhancement

PEMF therapy for athletic performance enhancement has been around from decades. Competitive sportsmen and athletes discovered the safety and efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields for performance enhancement long ago. Perhaps the credit goes to their therapists and trainers who spend endless hours doing research on enhancing their client’s well-being and competitive advantage. Sports performance at a champion level requires consistent practice and ability to do it.

When you’re training day and night and maintaining the perfect diet recommended by your sports nutritionist, there is seldom time to address more complex issues like sleep and recovery time. You may not be sick but feel lethargic or need to perform on a sick day, in both cases PEMF is the answer.

Let us understand how PEMF benefits an athletes body and why regular PEMF therapy use can improve athletic development and sports performance.

How PEMF benefits an athletes or sportsperson’s body

Man stretching and performing athletically. The text below states "When you're training day and night and maintaining the perfect diet recommended by your sports intuitionist, there is seldom time to address more complex issues like sleep and recovery time." One is able to recharge their cellular energy with FlexPulse (Picture 3)

PEMF therapy when used by athletes has a multitude of benefits. PEMF therapy is applied by using electromagnetic coils and applying the generated pulsed magnetic fields to the body. PEMF heals tissues, bones, joints faster by up to 400% as per NASA research. It has also been proven to be safe for long-term use and help depression.1 The reason being that the pulsed magnetic fields used in PEMF therapy are non-ionizing and closely resemble the schumann resonance spectrum of the Earth itself.

PEMF therapy improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells itself. With enhanced cellular respiration or oxydative phosphorilation including the Krebs cycle2, enzymes known to be associated with oxygen metabolism provide more energy with less reactive oxygen species (ROS). PEMF therapy substantially enhances recovery from sports injuries and also improves muscle recovery and bone health3.

PEMF therapy for athletic performance enhancement

Thus we can see that PEMF therapy for athletic performance enhancement is effective and safe. If you hadn’t heard about it yet, be assured that players will hardly share it once they know what it’s capable of for competitive reasons. However, due to PEMF therapy’s incredible pain management and overall benefits, most families like to invest in more systems once they have experienced its healing prowess.  In today’s date, competitive sports are also about biohacking supremacy of the teams. Just like in auto racing,  the pit team and engineering team pool their knowledge, skills and experience to make the team win, professional sports players and athletes need to work with their sports physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and even psychiatrists to deliver performance.

PEMF for Athletic development provides gains in strength and stamina. You’ll get more days to train and it’s even possible to find emergency recovery with high-intensity PEMF use. It would be beneficial to have a personal PEMF device for daily application. Personal wearable PEMF devices can be used during sleep hours for improving recovery for athletes and also a quick session before or after training or game would help boost muscle performance. The intensity matters a lot, and the FlexPulse is the highest intensity wearable PEMF device with 200 Gauss peak amplitude. There are no other wearable PEMF devices that go beyond 10-50 G, most popular ones hover under 5 G, these are hardly going to do anything for muscles of athletes which consume substantially more amount of energy than others. With a higher intensity system, it’s easier to recharge the entire body for peak performance and also find longevity and mental performance enhancement.

[schema type=”review” name=” I am recording personal best training times after 2 months of using the FlexPulse” rev_name=”FlexPulse PEMF device” rev_body=”My experience: Pain of sore, achy muscle and joints has dramatically decreased. Recovery after workouts and long runs has sped up dramatically and muscle fatigue has been greatly decreased. Energy levels have increased. I am recording personal best training times and am at least 2 months ahead of my normal output ranges. Weekly training time and distances have increased due to overall energy and stamina increases. General repair to chronic knee and hip soreness to the point of little or no discomfort.” author=”An ultramarathon champion” pubdate=”2019-04-28″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

Strength training, speed, agility and range of motion all improve with consistent PEMF therapy. Quickness, co-ordination and mental acuity soar if PEMF is applied as brain stimulant. Sports science journals world-over are beginning to realize the true potential of PEMF therapy and its natural to us that its the next evolution in modern healthcare and rehabilitation. Everyone needs a personal PEMF device, they just don’t know it yet!


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A book written by William Pawluk, Md, Msc, titled "Rational And Science Behind The Flex Pulse Programs"