What Are Top Benefits of PEMF Therapy Devices?

An elderly woman points to her wrist seemingly in pain as a doctor sits and listens to her problem.

A rise in chronic disease and pain conditions has prompted development of new technologies and therapeutic treatments to address the impacts of these health problems.  While the conventional healthcare system tends to simply cover up symptoms, a growing number of alternative practitioners are seeing the value in unique devices that address the root cause of these health issues. There are numerous benefits of PEMF therapy, and these devices are increasingly used in clinical settings, as well as being purchased for home use. 

The body’s organs have their own bio-electromagnetic fields that allow cells to communicate. For optimal health, cellular communication cannot be disrupted.  When disruption caused by cellular damage occurs, health is compromised. Proper cellular exchange can be restored through the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices.

What are PEMF Therapy Devices?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses devices designed to produce PEMFs of a specific frequency and intensity to promote healing and overall wellness.  Through full-body or local applicators, these machines send out PEMFs that align cells with their natural state.

Unlike unhealthy man-made EMFs, the signals used by PEMF therapy devices are of low intensity and frequency and have been proven highly safe and effective in promoting good health.

PEMF therapy devices can be programmed to intentionally provide balancing frequencies to the body, allowing for better communication between cells. The PEMFs emitted by these devices stimulate cells, increasing circulation, oxygenation, production of ATP which provides energy to cells, among other biological effects.  These in turn lead to the regeneration of cells, reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, better immune response, and restored function to vital glandular systems.

What are some top benefits of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy has been shown to have significant benefits for both acute conditions due to trauma and injury and chronic conditions, such as autoimmune disease and chronic pain. PEMF therapy is effective in treating both physical and cognitive symptoms.  More importantly, PEMF therapy promotes healing at the cellular level, correcting the underlying cause of the symptoms to provide relief.  

The first FDA approved use of the PEMF therapy was in 1979, for the healing of nonunion fractures.  Since then, PEMF Devices have been approved for a number of other conditions.

Regular use of PEMF devices promotes general health and wellness by keeping cells healthy long term. When problems are repaired early on, more serious conditions can be prevented.  Healthy cellular function means healthy tissues, bones, organs, and joints.

Thousands of research studies have been conducted in specific health areas to demonstrate the effectiveness of PEMF therapy. While the PEMF devices studied vary widely, the effects of the PEMFs are clear. These positive effects often depend upon the intensity, frequency, and length of treatment provided.

PEMF therapy provides key benefits to critical systems in the body, including the brain and the cardiovascular system.  PEMFs have been shown to improve immune function, boost brain health, and keep the circulatory system functioning efficiently.

PEMFs have also been demonstrated to improve muscle performance, decrease inflammation, reduce pain and swelling, boost energy production, and promote better joint and bone health.

Chronic pain impacts millions of people. It’s often so severe that carrying out tasks of daily living becomes impossible. Low back pain is among one of the most common chronic pain conditions.  One recent study supported prior research findings that PEMF therapy devices are effective and safe in improving function in patients with non-specific low back pain.1

Studies have repeatedly shown that PEMF therapy effectively promotes healthy sleep, which can reduce the impacts of chronic stress and poor emotional health that result from lack of quality sleep. 

PEMF devices can also be used to treat the brain, resulting in improved neurological function such as increased focus and concentration. Treatment to the brain can also repair incorrect pain perception signals, helping to reduce pain sensations.

Benefits of Owning a PEMF therapy Device

With more than 60 years of clinical success and thousands of studies detailing the benefits of PEMF therapy, it’s clear that these devices are a reliable alternative to conventional treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Particularly in the case of chronic conditions, ongoing PEMF therapy is necessary to achieve the best results.  Owning a PEMF therapy device for home use is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to frequent clinic visits.

Selecting the right system requires careful consideration of the conditions to be treated and the lifestyle of the user.  While any PEMF therapy device will provide some benefits, ensuring that a system is practical and effective on the specific conditions you want to treat is important to achieving expected results.

The FlexPulse PEMF therapy device is a convenient, flexible option.  This wearable device doesn’t tie you to your home or office – it can even be anywhere – even while you drive or exercise. With 12 hours of continuous battery power, lightweight applicator pads, and intensities up to 200 Gauss, this machine can be used on any area of the body for extended periods of time.  Used overnight, the FlexPulse is an ideal way to boost overall healing and vitality.

The FlexPulse is an affordable, flexible PEMF therapy device that can be used by the whole family.  Whether treating a specific condition or committing to ongoing health maintenance, this PEMF device provides all the top benefits PEMF therapy has to offer.  

The 30-day satisfaction guarantee and  2-year International warranty make FlexPulse a no-risk, safe way to keep yourself and your whole family healthy and strong.  Contact us today for more information on the benefits of PEMF therapy devices and how FlexPulse can help you live the life you deserve.


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