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The FlexPulse™ employs a carefully designed sequence of magnetic pulses programmed to introduce a magnetic field into tissues, primarily those experiencing pain or in need of healing assistance. The FlexPulse™ is designed to safely promote healing in muscle, tendon, ligament, skin, and bone tissues. These tissues make up more than 75% of the weight of the body.

There are 6 programs in the FlexPulse™.

Each program contains a different frequency set. Each program is based on research, some garnered from the results of decades of magnetic field research, some from clinical observations and practical experience.

From this research and experience, it is known that stimulation of nerves leads to muscle stimulation (and vice versa), which stimulates bone and therefore all the intermediately involved cells, too. Researchers have also made great strides in understanding the different communication patterns of the brain, and how the brain is susceptible to varying frequencies via brain wave entrainment and harmonics.

Because of the wide variety of frequencies present in the FlexPulse™ system, it can be used for a whole host of different conditions, from relaxation, to nervous system balancing, to improving cognition, to helping to repair wounds. There is also a program containing 1,000Hz, which was shown in recent research to positively affect depression and anxiety.

And because the FlexPulse™ reaches up to 200 gauss in intensity, it’s capable of reducing painful inflammation quickly and effectively.

Each FlexPulse™ system has 2 major components – the pulse generator and the applicators. The unit is battery operated and compact – it can easily be placed in a pocket or strapped to an armband. The applicators emit the magnetic field, and should be secured to the body where treatment is needed, including at any site of injury or pain. Because the system is battery-powered, it can be worn during activity or rest, and for any length of time desired allowing for many convenient treatment options.

10 programs

Program Explanations

The FlexPulse™ PEMF device comes with 10 Programs that provide nutritious PEMFs between 3 Hz to 1000 Hz.

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How to apply

Coil Placement

See this page to get some ideas on applying the FlexPulse™ coils to different parts.

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We offer a $50 rebate on your first order for completing our feedback process after 30 days of using the system. The feedback process includes submitting our online feedback form and submitting a review on Google & Facebook.

We will verify your submissions and send you the $50 rebate by reversing the charges to the same account and transaction used to place your order.

This rebate is only applicable to direct customers (You must have purchased from this website). The rebate will incorporate the price of one PEMF device only, that excludes shipping and accessories. Please contact us to receive the link to submit Feedback if you didn’t receive it after your order.

In a study (Amirifalah) of healthy women and a sham control group were given ELF-MF (intensity 200 μT) stimulation for 9 minutes. ELF-MF exposure frequencies were 10, 14, and 18 Hz, applied simultaneously to 2 brain areas at the top of the sides of the head (EEG settings C3 and C4) The effects were evaluated by electroencephalogram (EEG). The intent was to change the EEG for a therapeutic application, such as neurofeedback, by inducing a “resonance effect.” Local pulsed ELF-MF significantly decreases beta (15-25 Hz), sensorimotor rhythm (13-15 Hz), and theta (4-8 Hz) powers at a frequency of 10 Hz in C3 and C4 regions (12.0%-26.6%) after exposure (P < .05). The study indicates that PEMF stimulation to the top of the head at 10 Hz may be useful in the treatment of anxiety.

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