PEMF Therapy for Bone Regeneration

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Have you suffered a recent broken bone? Perhaps you have recently fractured a bone and you are looking for ways to reduce your pain. If you are looking for natural ways to speed up your healing. PEMF therapy is a non-invasive way to regenerate and improve your bone health. This article will highlight the basics of PEMF therapy, as well as look into how it can be used for bone regeneration. Studies have proven time and time again that PEMF therapy can offer speedy healing. So, let’s have a look at how PEMF therapy may be able to help you heal.

What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. It can also be referred to as low field magnetic stimulation. PEMF therapy uses electromagnetic fields. These fields are generated through copper coils in the PEMF device. A mild magnetic field targets the body at the cellular level. This magnetic field gently stimulates the damaged cells to encourage the body’s natural recovery process.

Perhaps think of PEMF devices as almost a battery charger, but for our cells! When we get sick or become injured. Our cells drop below the voltage that they need to be at. This results in our cells being unable to heal properly. The mild magnetic field intensity helps to decrease your pain and inflammation. While increasing blood flow to the cells at the same time. PEMF therapy stimulates the body’s natural ability to protect itself from inflammation and cell damage. The outcome here is the reduction of inflammation and pain. In addition, there is an increase in your energy, as well as a re-established cell interaction and tissue healing faster.

Using PEMF Therapy for Bone Regeneration

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices provide healing frequencies to the body. These frequencies are consistent with those that are found in nature. Therefore, your body recognizes this electromagnetic field. Ultimately, it will already know how to cope with it. But how do these electromagnetic fields improve bone regeneration? Let’s find out!

Ultimately, a PEMF device helps the body to restore and stimulate normal blood flow. PEMF therapy focuses on cell stimulation. This helps the body to boost its natural ability to combat inflammation, as well as cell damage and the regeneration process.

PEMF therapy is so effective because it can penetrate through the skin, muscle, and bone. The cells begin to heal from damage through the use of a PEMF device. At the same time, the capillaries dilate. Through dilated capillaries, blood flow and oxygenation are improved too. This increase in both oxygen and blood flow encourages the body’s healing.

Studies for PEMF Therapy and Bone Regeneration

PEMF therapy was first studied back in 1979. It was studied by the FDA. It has since become an FDA approved therapy. In 1979, PEMF therapy was studied for how it can help in the process of healing, as well as the regeneration of non-union fractures.

A non-union fracture is when a fracture has moved too much during the healing process. It may also have low blood flow. Or it may have become infected. In the healing of non-union fractures, PEMF therapy was found to have a success rate of 68-90%.

There was a recent study that found PEMF therapy can help to promote healing of rotator cuff damage in rats. The test rats were regularly treated with PEMF therapy. This resulted in healing of the tendon as well as the underlying bone structure. This ended in faster bone regeneration and soft tissue recovery.

There are additional studies of PEMF and bone regeneration that are ongoing. However, these studies have so far proven that PEMF therapy is an effective treatment. It is a safe treatment for various areas. Pulsed magnetic therapy can help with bone tissue regeneration, connective tissue regeneration, wound tissue regeneration, and nerve tissue regeneration. It can also help to heal bone damage, fractures, ligaments, joints, and tendons. PEMF therapy for this purpose has no reported bad reactions.

Try PEMF Therapy to Help Your Recovery

We offer a portable PEMF device that is perfect for PEMF therapy in your own home. You can also use our portable PEMF device on the go. Or wherever is convenient for you at the time. PEMF therapy can help to improve your bone healing, as well as the healing time of your injuries. It can also promote overall bone health. This fantastic non-invasive method is ideal for using on almost any part of your body. The bonus is that is has minimal side effects.

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